TY Trócaire Romero Award Part 2

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Karolina, Karri and Caoimhe


lana, Sophie, Bróna, Juliette, Katie, Juliette, Jade, Jean



Toyin Sulaiman, Danielle Cawley, Sarah Jane Smyth, Leah Morrissey


sweatshop labour

Alex Walsh, Hanoria O’Connell, Avril McDonnell


On each paper person, a true life story of children aged 12-14 years unjustly involved in child labour.  These children are involved in bonded labour.  Bonded labour is a persons pledge of labour or services as security for the repayment for a debt or other obligation  where there is no hope of actually repaying the debt.  It is also known as debt slavery or death bondage.  The red strip in the middle of our poster is the outline of Gaza which is a strip of land located between Israel and Egypt.  The Gaza strip is a small Palestinian territory about twice the size of the district of Columbia located along the Mediterranean coast.  Palestinians are ethnic Arabs and majority Muslim.  Trócaire is making a difference on our behalf.

Molly Mahon studied the life story of Raes Ahmed Moussa

Amy Hanlon studied the life story of Sobahiya Banasal

Chloe McCormack studied the life story of Moussa Suhail Obeid

Elena O’Toole studied the life story of Mohammad Dader


Amy Hanlon, Chloe McCormack, elena O’Toole, molly Mahon and niamh MCInerney

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stwadminTY Trócaire Romero Award Part 2