Maynooth University Academic Awards for St Wolstans Students

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On Monday 6th November, Ms. Kay Mitchell from the Admissions Office at Maynooth University awarded prizes to twelve of our 6th year students for their outstanding achievement in various subjects while in 5th year. An Engineering/Technology Prize was awarded to the top students in Maths, Physics and Technology. Prizes were awarded for the Arts, including history, geography, and languages. Two students were awarded prizes for the Sciences and two others for Business and Accounting. Students received a certificate from the University along with a €50 voucher for each prize.

Congratulations goes to:

Ciara Quinn      Aoife Kavanagh  for Business and Accounting.

Beibhinn Cleary     Marion Owens     Linda Toomey      Roisin Carr       Ciara Geraghty 

for subjects in the Arts area.

Orla Downey       Roisin Farrell     Aoife Kearney  for Maths Physics, Technology

Lucy Bryan      Niamh Saunders for Sciences including Home Economics.

stwadminMaynooth University Academic Awards for St Wolstans Students