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Green Schools

The Green Schools Committee has been an active and highly successful group for over ten years.  It’s co-ordinator Tom Kiely has led this proactive groups through a range of projects that have improved the environmental profile of the school and  created awareness about key environmental issues.  So far the school has achieved recognition and been awarded the coveted Green Flag from An Taisce for our work on waste management, water conservation, energy management, transport and the most recent award was on the the basis of our bio-diversity project.  The current project is entitled Global Citizenship and advanced Waste Management – a very tough challenge. The group meets every Monday at lunch time and there are over  20 students actively involved in this fantastic committee.


The library in St. Wolstans is open every lunch time from 1.30 -2.00. Students are welcome to come in and catch up on homework or take a quiet moment to read. The friendly and highly efficient team of Librarian volunteers are there daily to ensure that the library is run efficiently.   New books are added regularly to ensure that the fiction section is kept current. Members are encouraged to participate in competitions such as the creative writing and poetry competitions that are run during the academic year by the library committee

The Student Council

St. Wolstan’s Student Council acts as a voice for the students in the school. Each base class elects two of their peers to represent their views on the Student Council. Elections are held in late October or early November. The Council then elects its own executive committee.
This executive consists of Chairperson, Secretary and other officers. The aim of the Student Council is to work in partnership with the Board of Management, Principal, staff, students and parents for the benefit of the whole school community. They take on board the opinions of the student body and work to achieve new goals for the school community each year.


Meeting every Tuesday after school from 4-5 for their weekly practise, the St. Wolstan’s choir is a well-known group in the school, where music lovers can join eachother to have fun through song!

Ms. O’Reilly, who runs the choir, encourages all students with a flare and a love for music to join the choir as a chance for them to learn a range of vocal techniques and also to develop their love for music. The choir is a brilliant learning opportunity for people who would like to pursue a career in the music industry, whether it be a musician or a music teacher, or even people who would just like to learn more about singing as a group so students who do not take music as a subject in school are welcome to join!  There are currently 45 choir members preparing for the annual choral competition in Wesley College Dublin on 6th of March.


The school orchestra meets every Thursday lunchtime. Students from all year groups, all instruments and all levels meet to make music together in a relaxed, enjoyable environment. The orchestra performs regularly at school events during the year including the carol service, masses and the annual music night hosted by the music department.

The music night  is an annual concert hosted by the music department. All music students have the opportunity to perform in the concert. There are class performances, small groups and individual performances alongside performances from the school choir, orchestra and Irish music group.


Guitar Club

Music is such an essential part of school life and the guitar is there to strum our story.  Open to all this is another lunchtime meeting open to all levels of proficiency.  the experts teach the fledglings and the fun of learning and the love of music is central to this club.

Chemistry Club

Meeting every Friday at lunch time the Chemistry Club invites students to get active in the lab, taking part in fun and learning experiments.  The students are expertly guided by senior mentors under the watchful “lab goggles” of Louise Ward.  Bringing the theoretical to the practical  – we do science!

Games Club

Anyone into board games, card games, quizzes then games club is right up your street. We meet up at lunchtime every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Room 20. Various leagues go on with loads of prizes and certs to be won. Students that come top of the league, their name gets to go up on the wall of fame (notice board) in school. We also like to get teachers involved, for example this Christmas we had a Connect 4 competition with students against teachers. This was loads of fun and we hope to expand on this.


E-Learning Committee and Web Club

Meeting at lunch time the Web Committee invite students to create content for  and manage the St. Wolstan’s web-site.  Students become familiar with the Word Press software they project manage site development, write and publish copy on school events and manages the photo galleries for the visual record of school events. Training and support are offered by a team of teachers and expert students.  The web-site is created in Word Press giving students experience of the skills involved in creating, developing and managing an organisational web-site.


Fair Trade Committee

The Fair Trade Committee meets once a month to create awareness around the issues of justice, fairness and equality. The committee, who are made up of students from every year in the school work to promote fair trade in our community. The girls worked very hard last year to meet the criteria set out by Fairtrade Ireland to become a fair trade school. All new members are welcome.

St. Raphael’s Friendship Club

The school has a longstanding relationship with St Raphael’s with students from the school joining with the community there in games and special events.  Many of our transition year students become firm friends with the community members there and contribute to the schedule of weekly events through their visits.  The connection between St Raphael’s and St. Wolstan’s enriches both our communities and our students speak in glowing terms about their experiences.

Debating Club

The name Monica Mc Donald is synonymous with the development and nurturing of public speaking and debating at St. Wolstan’s.  Today the baton has been passed on to a number of teachers who promote and support debating within the school.  Our Irish Language Debating team and our Spanish debaters have been very successful in recent competitions, when our senior team of Ciara Kavanagh, Aoibhinn Daly and Orla Conway reached the ‘Eraobh Réigiúnach’ stage of ‘Díospóireachtaí an Phiaisaigh’. This year we expanded and also entered a junior team into ‘Díospóireachtaí Uí Chadhain’.

Homework Club

The Homework club is  a free homework  service offered to all first and second year students. The homework club takes place in the library from 4.05-4.55 every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (when there are no staff/parent teacher meetings) and Thursday. Transition year students kindly give up their time to help students with their homework.  All first and second year students are welcome 🙂

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