St. Wolstans’ has the tradition of a very vibrant and dynamic extra-curricular aspect which enriches the life and learning experiences of all of the students,  prefects, teachers and volunteers involved.   The school is committed to the development of the full range of each student’s talents, aptitudes, potential and access to fun and challenge. To this end, the school offers a wide selection of activities outside the regular school timetable.

To encourage a high level of participation in sport and games, the teachers under the mentorship of the Sports Co-ordinator facilitate and train the wide range of sporting endeavours available to the student cohort.  Through the wide range of sports available the school places a primary emphasis on participation and enjoyment, within the parameters of good sporting practice, and entry to competitions.  The tradition of excellence also guides our work with students and we encourage them and facilitate them in achieving to their full potential.

Clubs and societies add further colour to the spectrum of activities available to students in the school offering everyone the opportunity to become involved in an area of interest.  Many clubs meet at lunchtime and generate a very close sense of community and belonging among our students.



  • Hockey
  • Camogie
  • Athletics
  • GAA Football
  • Soccer
  • Equestrian
  • Basketball
  • Badminton


  • Choir
  • Chemistry
  • Glee
  • Green School
  • Orchestra
  • Games
  • St. Raphael’s Friendship Club
  • Homework Club – for first year students
  • Photography
  • Library Committee
  • Web and E-learning Committee

Clubs and Societies events are recorded through the News Page.