Parents Association

Chairperson: Marion Bagnall

Vice Chairperson: Anne Marie D’Arcy

Secretary: Sandra Derham

Vice Secretary:

Treasurer: Debbie Doyle

Vice Treasurer: Criddy O’Brien

Please click on the link below to visit the Parents Association website where you can read more about what we do.


As part of our wellread project to promote a culture of reading in our school, we are delighted to announce that a book fair will be held in the school from 22nd Feb-1st March 2018. The fair will contain a fantastic selection of current teenage fiction. Students may purchase books during the week and 60% of any profits made will be returned to our school Library. Parents will have an opportunity to attend the book fair between 6.30 and 7.30 on Thursday 22nd Feb 2018.


Parenting talks are being held in Celbridge Library.  For further details please click on the ling below.

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