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It’s the official countdown until ‘Oliver’ here at St. Wolstan’s Community School! Rehearsals have been in full swing for quite a few months now but, we had our full show run-thru during midterm and the energy and enthusiasm was felt by all! We have a stellar cast in this production who have been working so hard to make this show come to life!

On our first day of midterm rehearsals, it was our job to set up the stage for the production. What we didn’t know was that there are many parts to the stage we will be using for our show! it took a lot of heavy lifting and time to set up our stage but when we assembled it fully and rehearsed (with a bit of fun and dancing too!) it felt so surreal! everything had fallen into place (not literally) but the idea that this was going to be our home until closing night made it so exciting for us!

Tuesday was our full show run-thru and it was great to have all the cast together. It was nice to see the show without any breaks or interruptions as well as a blooper from one of our cast members which had us rolling around with laughter!

We have a busy 9 days ahead of us in preparation for opening night which is on Wednesday the 8th of March at 7:30pm in the school hall. The 9 day countdown has begun and we are ready for polishing up a few scenes, Getting the TY choir ready for each song, perfecting each dance and of course getting our main cast ready for showtime!

It truly is a marvelous time in a school community or even production itself as these are the days we will remember the most. These are the days that will be significantly memorable in our lives and we are all so very excited!

Come along and join us for the lead up to our musical!

Oliver! runs from March 8th till March 10th in the school hall and tickets are on sale every morning for 10 euro each!

You won’t want to miss our super talented cast!


Article contributed by Ellen Salmon

Ann-Marie Mooney9 DAY COUNTDOWN!

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